Tuesday, April 26, 2011

We are having some amazing weather lately, and everything is just beautiful. The lilacs are just beginning to go by as are the apple blossoms. The hosta and Red Maple are popping out and I can hardly keep up with the lawn mowing. Filled in the retaining wall I built with dirt, now just to add some compost and it'll be all ready for my herbs. The seedlings have taken over our office until it's time to plant outdoors. The nut trees (the last to get their leaves) are just starting to sprout and in about a week all the trees will have their leaves...everything is so GREEN! Of course not everything that spring brings is good. Yesterday I killed a copperhead in the garden and Josiah is sure he saw two of them so we are still on the look out for the other one. We've added broccoli, onions and spinach to the garden this week. The strawberries are loaded with blossoms and I am hoping to get enough for jam this year. Now it's time to plant the corn, Mmmm I can hardly wait!

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