Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Today is absolutely beautiful. While the kids worked on their school work I walked around the yard. The apple trees and lilacs have buds on them. The rain has made the strawberries and garlic grow a ton. Everything is really getting greener by the minute and many spots in the lawn need to be mowed already. After schoolwork we rode the four wheelers out back and hiked around the old farmhouse in search of mushrooms. Nothing yet but the kids had a good time trying to catch some of the million pollywogs in the mud puddles. After Kevin came home from work we hiked up the mountain across the road. Beautiful scenery. Also found the tree I think the pileated woodpecker lives in. I hear him all the time but have yet to see it. I would love to get some pictures. With the sun up later it's hard to get the kids in bed on time, but after the busy day they slept well!!

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