Monday, October 11, 2010

Nice enjoyable and productive weekend. The bathroom now has the shower and floor in and the rest of the drywall us up. Taping is next. Glori helped me clean out the last produce out of the garden and Dad brush hogged it all down. Yes we brush hog instead of weed :) Now to spread manure and plow. Time to mow for the last time and prepare the barnyard, garden and plants etc for the winter. Animals are wormed and Cinnamon and Sugar both look like they are getting ready to kid anytime now. Cinnamon is so fat I won't be surprised if she gives us triplets. Already ordered a bottle from Hoegger's as Josiah wants to bottle feed and train one to pull a cart. We planted the Wisteria Kevin's parents sent for my birthday and I have a few more evergreen plants to put in. Finished the rag rug and will post pics of it later. Now it's time to start thinking about Christmas projects, I have been informed it's only 73 days 'til Christmas!!

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