Friday, June 4, 2010

Alaska Bound

Our first day of vacation was terrible. Our first flight was cancelled, the second was late and we missed our connection. The airline rescheduled us a bunch of times and four flights and sixteen hours later we arrived in Seattle. Without our luggage. An hour late for our boat. I was a wreck. Well Royal Carribean wouldn't allow us to catch our boat in the next port (something they did not disclose when we booked the cruise) and wouldnt give us our money back.Without going into too many details we will NEVER use Royal Carribean again. Well we called another cruise line that had a boat leaving the next day and got a cruise for dirt cheap. The money we got back for taxes and excursions on the RC cruise would just cover it. So we found a dirt cheap hotel hoping that a good nights sleep and a meal would make everything look a little better. What a both mentally and physically exhausting day! At least we were still going to get to see Alaska!
View from the Seattle airport where we spent a lot of time the first day and a half.

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