Tuesday, April 27, 2010


The sun has popped back out this afternoon, and I am enjoying it. The children are up at Mom and Dad's for a sleepover. Kevin is tilling the gardens up and I have planted and composted around the herbs and flowers given to me by the ladies at our WV Heritage Artisans Group. This week we've gotten the internet in the office so now I can catch up with some pictures and blogging. I have a nice little corner for working on projects in the early morning when there is not much light elsewhere in the house. It's a great little corner nook I am becoming very fond of, especially for my quiet time and coffee in the morning before the children wake up. I have also worked diligently on my rug hooking in this little spot this week and I am almost done my first piece. Now I am back outside to cover a few flowers I just planted, think it's going to frost tonight.

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