Monday, April 19, 2010

Kevin's parents arrived Saturday and we are enjoying a nice visit. Saturday we had the kids soccer games and enjoyed the nice weather. Sunday was a nice service and lunch at Mom and Dads. In the afternoon we spent time in the yard and starting putting up the strawberry bed Kevin's parents gave me for Christmas. Today was a beautiful day with lots of progress!! The kids went off to the school for their yearly testing. The strawberry garden is finished. The men stripped the bathroom down to studs. After seeing what was undernneath the remains of the carpet(yes they actually had carpet in the bathroom) I think it was a miracle no one fell through the floor.The blueberries and hostas all got weeded, and the seedlings all got transplanted into bigger pots. Kevin's mom heard the hummingbird so we got the feeder filled and he's been coming to it. There was even time to make fresh mozzerella, meatballs and zucchini bread. All this with seven kids running around! We are all going to sleep well tonight!!

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