Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Move

Mom and Dad's house is finally ready! They have spent the last 3 nights sleeping there and we are slowly moving their stuff up. The kids are so excited to move upstairs to their rooms. I am trying to organize and get the rooms moved around for a much anticipated visit from Kevin's parents in April.  The spring peepers have been peeping for several night now and the rest of this week is supposed to be nice and warm. Oh my flip flops how I have missed you. Friday begins soccer season and I can't wait to see how the kids like that. Not to mention it's a great photo opportunity. It's all about the photos. :) Kevin got the gardens limed and it is time to plant the peas already. Hoping to get to that today. The seedlings are all popping up and it is really begining to feel like spring around here.  Time to set up the new strawberry bed too. The annual goat sale is Friday and we are taking two goats to that. We are also going to have a wether goat kid to sell in a couple weeks. I want to use the proceeds of those sales to get a really good milker in the fall. Some busy weeks ahead as spring time always brings new projects. This is truly my favorite time of year.

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