Thursday, February 18, 2010

Oh the Snow!!!!!

Yet another week consisting more of snow days than anything else. What a winter this has been! I've been getting a little antsy and decided to start a few projects, which Kevin had to come home in the evening and help me finish. First, he fixed the birdfeeder up for me because I've been noticing the birds starting to come around. He replaced the roof and I painted it and tommorow the birds will be feasting out of it. Then I started ripping the shelving unit out of the bathroom. As soon as Mom and Dad move into thier new house we will be ripping out the entire bathroom and I thought I would just get a head start. Well I took off the door and decided the shelving would look great in my kitchen to put all my canning jars on. So, another little project for Kevin. He's really being a good sport and getting a lot of these crazy projects done for me. I also emptied out the pantry as that will be torn out to make a new entry into the bathroom. I think we will finish up that project this weekend and I'll have to think of something new for next week!
I am looking forward to spring and we have been working hard on the kids schoolwork, even when no one else in the state is going to school. As soon as spring arrives we spend more time outside and a little less on the schoolwork so we like to be ahead. Our seeds have arrived and just a couple weeks until we need to start them inside. We have decided to grow mostly heirloom this year so we can save our seeds year to year. Oh, I just can't wait to hear those peep frogs this year!


  1. I think spring is closer to us in New England. The Red Wing black birds are back and the beautiful blue birds. Fred built 7 blue bird houses but the sparrows seem to think they can move in. I will be giving them an eviction notice this weekend. Can't wait to see what you are doing in the bathroom! Please send pictures!

  2. By the way Tara, I ordered some things for you and they should be in by the time we come in April. We'll call it Happy Daughter-In-Law Day! Can't wait to get there!