Wednesday, February 10, 2010


With the crazy amounts of snow we've been having here and the kids outside playing in it often the need for better mittens arose. They kept coming in with frozen, wet hands and wrists, so I decided a little project was in order. The inspiration for my project is these 40 year old mittens my grandmother made.
They have been worn through 3 generations by many children. They have been worn and washed so many times the knitting has become tight and almost felted. This makes them warm and almost waterproof. I decided to try to make something that would be just as warm and keep the kids hands dry. I also wanted something with longer wrists than most store bought mittens so they would stay tucked inside the coat and not leave their wrists exposed. I used a mens large bulky knit 100 percent wool sweater from the goodwill. I washed it in hot water and dryed it. It felted very nicely and then I could cut it without it fraying. I cut out mitten shapes and whip stitched them together, turned them right side out and Voila! Mittens that are very warm, the snow can't get through them and they have nice long cuffs that stay put.
Next time I will perhaps go a little slower and cut out a little nicer shaped mittens, but all in all for the amount of time it took to whip all these mittens up, I am very pleased.

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  1. I LOVE these mittens and plan to try to make some myself! Thanx for the idea!!! Love, Chrissie.