Wednesday, January 6, 2010

It's January 6th. The last day of Christmas in my book. The twelve days of Christmas are done and the decorations are coming down. It is time to begin the organizing. We have named this our year of organization. So far all I have organized are all the book shelves. I have spent the last couple days trying to get the kids back in the routine of schoolwork and chores, and on getting my blog book printed. If you want to have your blog printed check out this website : I can't wait to get mine!

It's been snowing for the last week and it seems like it's never going to end. Church, public schools and basketball have all been cancelled at least once, which means I have no daycare kids. You'd think I would have accomplished more but it doesn't really seem so.

We've been spending more time up at the barn due to the cold weather and milking Cinnamon.  One of her kids died this morning and I think perhaps she has quit nursing them.  We held her still long enought for the other poor hungry kid to eat and it looks as if we will have to do this for a while. We experienced this last time she kidded as well. I regret not paying closer attention to them. Sugar's kid seems healthy and frisky and just wants someone to play with her.

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