Thursday, December 31, 2009

Well we have arrived at the end of another year. We had in fun, named this the year of progress and I think we lived up to that. Much was accomplished. We put in a new well and new septic system so we could finally get a mortgage in our name. This in turn meant Mom and Dad could complete their loan and begin building their house. The house is up and just waiting for finishing touches. We fenced in the garden and bought posts to begin a bigger area for the goats. Kevin expanded the horse pasture. We learned a bit more about haying and have a barn full of hay. We had 7 kids born on the farm this year and learned to milk and make cheese. Kevin built me a beautiful milking stand.  We put another year in at the farmers market and canned many of our veggies. We learned to use the pressure canner. We planted more fruit and nut trees.We painted much of the house, finished remodeling and rewiring the kitchen, purchased and started replacing windows, and planted some flower gardens. I learned to sew, make my own laundry soap and homemade yogurt. We also did the everyday things like homeschooling, church, tee ball, basketball, and archery. I am sure there is more. Now we are calling the upcoming year The Year of Organization. I hope we will accomplish as much as we did this year! Just like any year it had its downs too, but we are thankful for it all. I am looking forward to another year on this farm we have been blessed with.

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