Monday, September 14, 2009

The Crazy Trip to CT

Well we headed out of town Friday night, as soon as the Farmer's Market was over and all our stuff was packed up. In between all the packing I got the message that Jess  (our good friend in CT) had had her baby 4 weeks early. Everything was fine and we made plans to squeeze a visit to them into our little trip too. So we made the 12 hour drive to CT and arrived a bit late for breakfast Saturday morning at Kevin's parents. She filled all our bellies and we raced out to visit the new little baby. It was a too short but sweet visit with them and we headed back to Elmlawn where Kevin's parents fed us lunch and helped us comb hair and dress kids and make it out the door in time for the wedding. Barely. We spent the afternoon at my cousin's wedding visiting with our family. This too, was too short. We headed back to Elmlawn to visit with Kevin's cousin Jeremy and his wife Brenna who were up from DC. They will be leaving for Germany for the next few years and this would be our last visit before they depart in a couple weeks. It was a nice visit with everyone. Then we headed off to bed and were up and ready to head out at 6:30 for the days drive home! Talk about cramming a lot into one weekend. We never would have accomplished it all without Kevin's parents!

Glori and Anthony

Lynn and Anthony

Patti and Paul

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