Monday, June 22, 2009

We had a wonderful and productive Monday! The kids signed up for the summer reading program at the little Library down the road. I worked on painting the house and did a thousand loads of laundry. Okay maybe a thousand is a slight exaggeration. Kevin worked on getting the new septic system hooked up and I baked 3 loaves of yummy pumpkin bread and made pulled venison sandwiches for dinner. This evening I wandered through the garden, pulling a few weeds and admiring all the plants. I think we will have zucchini anyday now. I love summer! Nothing but sunshine predicted for the next several days.

This weekend we let the kids stay up late to catch fireflies.(doesnt' get dark til almost 9:30 here)

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  1. Is the reading program on Tuesdays? What time? we couldnt make it this week because of swim lessons.