Monday, June 29, 2009

Today we went for a visit to the dentist. We have the most wonderful dentist ever. I knew we would have to have someone good with children, since I have 3 shy kids. (They didn't get that from me!) Our visit went great, and my shy kids are starting to get braver with each new experience. They also have been going up to sing with the kids choir at church. After TWO years of watching and wanting to go up there, but not having the courage, they finally did it!

Elsalynn, totally comfortable in the dentist's chair. They have murals like the one you can see in the background, painted all over the office.

They give the kids sunglasses for the bright light and there is a TV on the ceiling for them to watch.

The kids with their goodie bags full of stickers, toothpaste, animal flossers, purple floss and other treats. Look at those smiles!

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