Wednesday, June 10, 2009

It's ten o'clock and I am reflecting back on a long and full day. It is my first day of summer break. Now I only have my three children to watch instead of the six I have during the school year. I tilled the garden and Mom did the weeding all morning. The girls pulled weeds around the carrots. Philip was working on the septic system and Josiah was excited to be allowed to climb into the tank while Dad did some wiring or whatever you do in there. The whole yard is a muddy dug up mess, but I am thrilled. Not actually at the mess, but that we are making progress on a lot of much needed work. After lunch it started to rain. We spent the afternoon, sorting the girls shoes and clothes out. I was glad to find many pairs of pants for long legs Glori in her totes of hand me downs and yard sale finds in the attic. I even sorted through the ridiculous amount of dresses those little girls have and I haven't bought any of them from a retail store. It is amazing to me how spoiled we have become in this country. Kevin came home after working late, and he and Dad worked on fixing the gas line that was accidentally broken while they were digging lines for the septic system. I am happy to say that as of 9:30 we have gas on in the house again. Thank You Lord for hot water!

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