Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Charleston Library Celebrated it's 100th Birthday this year and they offered a challenge. If a person could read 100 books during this year they would receive a "gold" library card. Well Josiah is always up for a challenge (I have no idea where he got this trait :). He only needed to read three more books and he had read all the ones we had checked out. So off to the library we went and checked out a whole bunch more, and I knew it would only be a day later and he would be finished and want to go back. How could I say no? He was so excited to get his gold card, and we are very proud of him. It only took him 1/2 the year and many of the books he chose were chapter books, not just little kid books!

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  1. Tell Josiah Congratulations! What an awesome accomplishment!