Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Gramma and my Aunt are always finding great things at yard sales. Last time Mom and Dad made a trip to CT they sent back a box of their finds. One of the things was a bunch of old burlap peanut sacks. I love these! I turned them into little treasure bags for the kids for our hikes. I took the bags apart at the seam, sewed them into little totes and added a liner and a strap. Now, lest you think you can't do this, let me reassure you, you can. I don't sew. Or at least I don't sew well. There are many free tote bag tutorials (just search for tote tutorial) with great instructions and pictures. I just looked at all these, changed them a bit to suit my peanut bag and made up my own strap. If you like them, I encourage you, just try, the worst that can happen is you have to rip out some stitches. The kids each picked out their own material from my stash and are very pleased with the results, they can't wait to use their own bags to collect their "treasures".

Elsalynn trying out her new bag.


  1. those would make great bags for picking blueberries. Bring them with you in July and you could probabley fill them in no time!!!

  2. you are so creative Tara!...maybe one day i can be a crafty mom too! :)

  3. Nice! You never cease to amaze me!