Monday, May 4, 2009

I woke up this morning around 5 am with a little one asking to be taken to the bathroom. As we walked through the quiet house I could hear a strange sound. I thought perhaps someone left the fan on in the bathroom, however as we got closer it became clearer. It was the creek! As I peered out into the darkness and although it was too dark to see much I could make out water creeping up the back lawn. So I ran to wake up Kevin to get help moving things. We had to wade through the water collecting kid toys, yard decorations and rescuing the deflated pool that was ready to set up. It was amazing. I wish I had gotten pictures before the water began to recede.

When we first went out the water was covering that kiddie pool and up past the swing set!

The see saw was almost lost down the creek

You can't even see the foot bridge into the garden and the whole front and right hand corner of the garden is flooded. We lost all the radishes, some beets and carrots. I dug out all the onions that were covered with 6 inches of mud and if they can dry out they may survive. There is more rain predicted and I am praying it won't be too much, with more flooding. The creek is almost back to normal now. The back yard is full of mud and gravel and all the "interesting" things that came down the mountain, so we have some cleaning up to do, as well as walking down the creek to see if we can find our bridge that floated away!

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  1. Oh No! Your poor garden! I'm so sorry! Is this your first experience with flooding around here? We usually get a big one every 4 or 5 years or so. Hope yesterday was the most we will get for a while!