Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The ants have arrived!

The ants arrived in the mail and there is much excitement over it. It has proven to be an awesome project. I requested a Teacher Pack from the library on Ants and Josiah is devouring these books! The ants are digging their tunnels and I woke up the next day to Glori's little face an inch from mine. "Mama, the ants have been working all night, come look at how much they did!" I would definitely recommend this project to anyone with kids. You can get them at Insect Lore.


  1. Oh my!!!! I love your new background!!! Too cute!

    I can't believe your creek! Bless your heart! Kind of makes a lost Croc seem like a walk in the park.

    Ant farms are fun! Ya'll enjoy!

  2. Thanks...stay tuned for the Butterflies and the Ladybugs!!