Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Well quite a week so far. I've been attacking the spring cleaning and while caring for six kids (I'll have 8 this afternoon!) it has been slow going. We are rearranging the girls room so we can move Glori into a twin bed. Her feet reach the bottom of her toddler bed and those toddler size blankets are getting kind of small! We also took a trip to town and finally got our passport applications in. Now that you need a passport to go into Canada we thought we'd better do that. The kids and I might be taking a trip to Canada for my grandfathers memorial service and Kevin and I were thinking about a weekend trip to Niagara Falls at the end of the summer.

We also sent away for the ants and prepared our "ant farm" from Aunt Shelly. She bought the kids an ant farm, a lady bug habitat, and a butterfly starting kit. These are some of the coolest projects for kids! We are all excited to see these in action. We will post more pics when the ants arrive!

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