Friday, April 10, 2009

Sweet Spring

A few pictures to show you how spring is popping up all around us! These yellow flowers Aunt Shelly gave me last year for my shade garden, they are thriving where we planted them.

This ground creeper Aunt Chris gave me out of her garden (can't remember what she called it) is in several places and also seems to love the shade garden. I can't wait to see what else comes up as we get closer to summer. I am hoping the Hosta's we brought from Elmlawn (Kevin's parents house) all come up too!

So this week was very busy with my three little charges added to my own three children. My grandmothers are both probably thinking "big deal". They each had seven! And 3 of the children I take care of everyday go home with their mother every afternoon. I still managed to accomplish a few things during naptime, including taking a few minutes to enjoy the spring arriving outside our back door.

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  1. After checking with my gardening expert, Janet Turini, she says the plant Chris gave to you is called seedum