Saturday, April 4, 2009

Opening Day

Our first opening day of rec baseball. Whew. Joyous and frustrating all in one. Glori was all about the nice uniform and the pink glove and cleats with pink shoelaces. She even marched in the parade. Aren't they cute??

Then it was time to go out onto the field. I couldn't drag her out there if I wanted to. She is so painfully shy and this is just not something I can identify with. I am hoping she will outgrow this and maybe by the end of the season she will be used to everyone enough to play. Josiah, however is totally into it, and really enjoys himself. Already has the coach calling him Rocket after catching a few of his throws.

The parents are also having fun watching all our little ones learn the game. It's hysterical at times, and we are enjoying this new experience immensely.