Thursday, April 30, 2009

It's six am and I am enjoying a warm cup of Dunkin Donuts Coffee, thanks to Maureen and Lou who came for a quick visit last weekend. They left us a whole bag knowing we don't have those here. Thanks!! I am also enjoying the calm, quiet before the storm. It is beginning to get light out and all the leaves are now on the trees. The apple blossoms have all gone by and the strawberries are starting to get flowers, I just love spring! Here comes Glorianna, almost always the first to get up. She usually sits with me and enjoys the quiet too, it's not until Josiah gets up that quiet time is over. He surely brings an air of energy to the house. Well I should be off to clean up the remnants of yesterdays crazy day before Michelle arrives to drop off her kids for another crazy day. Also need to prepare as we are eagerly anticipating a visit from the Reeds tomorrow afternoon, can't wait see you guys!


  1. Hey, girl!
    Every time I read your blog, it is just so calming and soothing for some reason. I love it! I love all the stuff you guys do! I want to be you when I grow up! LOL!

  2. Don't be too disillusioned!! We have our fair share of chaos. This is how I know to grab and hold tight to these moments of peace and quiet. One of the reasons we did move down here was for a slower calmer life style. While it still seems so busy, it is a different kind of busy. I am enjoying it very much!