Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Full Day

Spring time brings lots of farm chores. Today we took the whole family up to see how we milk, feed, vaccinate, and deworm all the goats. It can be quite a process, but everyone pitched in and we finished in no time. Especially when it came time to catch Cow. He is quite a stubborn goat and it took all of us to catch him, and Kevin and Fred to hold him while I vaccinated him! For anyone interested in the worming part, we use Hoeggers Natural Wormer and we have been very pleased with the results. We do also use ivomec when needed, but we are finding that to be less often with the stuff from Hoeggers.

Kevin and I vaccinating Sugar

Tyler bringing our "soon to kid" Honey goat a snack

After we came down from the barn and got the milk pasteurized and put away, we went outside for a little spring yard work. We planted our cherry tree and Josiah's precious Gooseberry bushes. We cleaned up the yard and Fred mowed the whole thing and I did the trimming. It really looks nice now.

Planting the cherry tree

Glori carrying one of the gooseberry bushes

We took a break for lunch and a little "Sunday drive" to check out the West Virginia scenery. After that we relaxed in the yard a bit and Kevin and Fred cut up and burned the dead pine tree that needed to be cleaned up. We had a very productive day and we had a lot of fun getting it all done!

*Gail is Missing from the pictures because she took all of today's lovely photographs.*

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