Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Today was a busy, productive day. The kids and I made Goat Milk Fudge and took the twin goat kids into the school for the school kids to hold and pet. Then I left my children there for their last Gym class. I ran home, put the goat kids back with their Mama and changed up to go for a ride. Kevin and I used our 40 minutes without kids to head out back and explore some of the great 4 wheeler trails we discovered. The daffodils out by the old house were in bloom and I picked a nice bouquet for the table.
I went to pick up the kids and Kevin watered the animals, then started taking down the 5 strands of barbed wire (the goats thought this was a joke) to replace it with something more substantial. I of course helped by taking pictures. The kids helped Kevin too, can't you tell?

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