Monday, March 16, 2009


Well, the gardens are plowed, and the peas are planted. The seeds are started in the house, and we hear the peep frogs every night now. The grass is getting green and we'll probably be mowing in a couple weeks! Aaah, spring! Josiah has informed me spring does not officially start until Friday.

For seeds, I started a mix of cherry tomatoes, little white eggplant, a variety of peppers and of course our favorite, beefsteak tomatoes. I don't buy fancy seed starting kits or trays or anything like that. I use recycled egg cartons. These work just as good as the little trays you can buy, and they're free. I prefer the styrofoam type ones as they hold the moisture better, the cardboard tends to suck it away from the soil and plants. They will work fine if thats all you've got, but you will need to water more often.

Now if we could only get the onions planted, we are only a week or so behind on that!

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