Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I have spent a lot of time this week emailing back and forth with an old friend of mine asking her advice about all my animals. She is a vet and has helped me a ton.It also reminds me how fast time is going by. Seems like just yesterday we were in highschool together! and before that......

This is us in 1979 at my 2nd birthday!

Rockin' vintage tee Beck ...well I suppose it wasn't vintage then!! Can you figure out what it says? Sure makes me feel old! I know I have better pics of us but Mom's albums are still in boxes! Thanks for all the advice and the trip down memory lane!


  1. Oh, come on! You've got to tell us what the t-shirt says!

    BFG is trying for the Rapunzel hair-do, too! Sometimes (like almost every time we brush out the tangly mess), I wish she'd never heard of that fairytale!

  2. Virginia is for Lovers! It's Virginia's vacation theme, or whatever you'd call it. This was probably one of the first shirt printings with this saying on it :) It's pretty popular now though.

  3. Wow! This makes me feel old, too, and apparently I'm even older than you, by a year!! I will say a prayer that the privilege chart can help your family as it has mine! All is not peaceful, but it makes me calmer having a consistent plan to handle misbehavior!