Saturday, February 21, 2009


We had a very busy day today. Kevin finished up the rewiring of the kitchen that he and Dad did most of Wednesday, started hooking up the pump to our new well, and fixed the pipe to the gutter system that was accidentally dug up when they dug the trench for the pipes from the well to the house. He also finished tearing down the old drop ceiling in the kitchen. I cleaned up that mess and then we went to clean the church. When we came back Kevin rode up to the barn to seperate Cinnamon and her baby for the morning milking. He came back real quick for me to come up and help Sugar... she was finally kidding. She really didn't need any help and had twins without any problems. They came out crying and ready to eat. So we helped dry them off and left them to figure it out. A nice ending to a very productive day.


  1. Amazing!!! And beautiful... Congrats, again! :)