Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Well, today was absolutely beautiful at about 70 degrees! We spent the entire day outside only going in for lunch. We even skipped naptime...I couldn't bear to pull them out of the sandbox to go in, they were having such fun burying eachother. It was also a very productive day. Dad taught me how to use the chainsaw, and I cut the lilacs down a bit so they will grow better. Phillip also came and knocked down the last 2 dead pine trees and dug out all the stumps from the front lawn.

It sure is nice to have the front yard cleared, now we just need to plant some grass seed and wait for spring. I am envisioning a Virginia rail fence along the front and maybe a couple flowering trees. However we have a few projects ahead of that!


  1. is it time for the grandfather to come and cut up and burn pine trees

  2. The grandfather is welcome anytime. There's lots of work to do. Put him on a plane. :-)