Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Eggs, Homemade Bread, and Wool Yarn

Kind of a hodge podge post today. For our Valentine's Day "date" Kevin and I went to an auction. Kevin didn't find too much he was interested in, but I scored boxes of sewing stuff and skeins and skeins of 100% wool yarn, an awesome find! We can't wait for the farm auctions to start up again. If you ever have a chance to attend an auction I highly recommend it. You quite often find an excellent deal, and they are interesting and entertaining! We often pack a lunch and some toys and crayons for the kids and spend the day. I would recommend learning the ropes of bidding first, or you may end up with say two antique washing machines when you thought you were only bidding on one. ahem.

The chickens have stepped up their laying now that the days are starting to get longer. We are getting 6-7 a day now. Aren't the colors great?! Before long we will be up to a dozen or more a day. The new goat kid is doing well and we are STILL waiting on Sugar to kid. I am sure she must be cooking up more than one, she's getting so big she can't climb or jump anymore.

I also spent some of yesterday baking homemade bread. I checked out The Panera Bread Cookbook from the library, and if any of you have had bread at Panera you know how good it is. I made the Honey Whole Wheat, it was so good I don't have a picture, they ate it too fast! Next I am going to make a Sourdough Starter.

On the last note, the last craft I made was some bean bags for the school our church runs. They were very simple and came out cute. I cut out squares of material, sewed them wrong sides together, leaving a little opening to turn them. Filled them with rice, (I know, technically not "bean bags") and top stitched around each one, which I think really finishes them. They used them for a gym program called "Made to Move" that I signed my kids up for. It runs for 6 weeks, they have a healthy snack and then are taught games and relays and such. The teacher they hired is great with the kids and has a well thought out program for them, and the kids are loving it.


  1. Ooooh! Aren't farm eggs the prettiest? I just look at them and think about what a great God we have! What kind of chickens do you have? How do you get the blue-ish/greenish ones?

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  3. We ordered the "ornamental layer" collection from McMurray Hatchery. To be honest I am not sure which ones lay which colored eggs :) If you look at their website or request a catolog, I do believe it will tell you which ones lay what colors. Although they are a little pricey, I would recommend them. We are very pleased with our diverse bunch of beautiful chickens!

  4. OK, Tara. You are just getting too good at this! :)) I love your pictures, they are amazing! Thank you for inspiring me so much... you have no idea. See you soon! Love ya!