Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Two parties in one weekend! Yesterday the kids were invited to a skating party. This was their first experience skating and they did great. I helped Josiah around the rink one time. Then it was Glori's turn, and when we came back around Josiah was just off and skating by himself! Elsalynn was pretty brave herself and let go of my hands several times to give it a go by herself. They all had a lot of fun and I was tired by the time we left.

Today is Kevin's birthday. 32!!! I can hardly believe we have known eachother for 18 years! Happy Birthday Honey!

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  1. Hi, Tara! Thanks for visiting my blog! Nice to meet you!

    Girl, you are not giving yourself enough credit. I really like what you've got going so far on your blog. The heart pillowcase is ingenious! I am so stealing that idea! And the plastic key stuck on her finger is hilarious! Here's a hint I learned working in a jewelry store in college: Squirt a little Windex on her finger. It contricts the blood vessels and make the finger smaller. It really works!

    So, um . . . am I s'posed to be buying seeds already? Fiddlesticks! I'll never get this country thing right!
    Mama Said