Friday, January 9, 2009

Do not try this at Home

On Tuesday, Elsa decided to give us a little exitement. What you see here is a fisher price key, which I thought she was carrying around to keep someone else from snatching it. Turns out she had it stuck on her finger for half an hour before I realized she wasn't hoarding it, it had become part of her. After another half hour of attempting to pry it off with all the tricks, and attempting to stay calm, we called for backup. Kevin told me (after laughing at me) I could cut the key off with some plier thingy in my toolbox. This took up another half hour because I was afraid to cut her finger. By the time I cut it off, half the morning was gone and I was left wondering how long she would have gone without telling me. She seemed very relieved to have it off but apparently didn't give it much of a second thought because 2 hours later, I caught her sticking her finger in some other finger sized hole on some other toy!

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